Dreams can teach us about ourselves

In my view, dreams can often have very powerful and meaningful symbolic messages that can inform us about what’s going on inside us and in our lives. But most people I know don’t seem to realise this.

We can learn about ourselves and grow, thanks to these messages (from our subconscious?). Everything in those kinds of dreams is a representation of you. The people, the buildings, the animals etc.

One powerful example would be if someone dies in your dream, (someone you know, a character, or celebrity), it can mean that an aspect of your personality is represented in them, and that part is changing, or losing it’s power.

Sometimes however, dreams don’t seem to be meaningful, and seem to just be random nonsense, in my opinion. These can include people you are crushing on, TV shows you’ve seen, things you’ve read about, for example. Just processing the day that’s gone, or just random ideas and imaginations bubbling up from the subconscious.

A site I like to use for interpreting dreams is this. There are many websites and books for interpreting dreams (I imagine some will be better than others).

There are different ways to interpret symbols, it’s not an exact science, (same with religious symbols and metaphors, in my view).

The meaning of the symbols themselves are important to think about in the context of other symbols in the dreams and your feelings at the time. You will get a more accurate and relevant interpretation if you do this.

Carl Jung has been a pioneer in dream symbolism and interpretation. He has a book called ‘The undiscovered self, with symbols and the interpretation of dreams.’ I’ve just started reading it, so I can’t comment on it yet, but he’s a genius so I can’t wait to read it.


One big way we mess our kids up

“We’ve spent lifetimes thinking about our problems, but so little time actually shining the light of awareness on what is actually happening.” – Joey Lott

In my opinion and from what I have learned, one big way people can and do mess their kids up, is by not being aware of and integrating their own shadow parts of themselves (unwanted & rejected parts of self) and then they can project whatever issue they might have, big or small onto their kids, and the kids grow up and do the same to their kids and it perpetuates.

All is not lost though, because at any time, anyone can do this inner work, although hard, it’s possible. And we can undo our conditioning and integrate our shadow parts, not only for the wellbeing of kids, but for the wellbeing of ourselves and every single person we have relationships with/interact with.

We don’t have to do anything, we can do what we want, but if people are suffering, I believe this is important work.

Carl Jung’s, Jordan Peterson’s and Joey Lott’s work on this is a God send.

For anyone suffering with problems for a long time that they have never found a way to fix them; problems like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addiction, obsessions etc. Joey Lott has an incredible online course that I can personally vouch for, that you can check out here. (Hopefully it’s still open to join, if not you can sign up to his email and receive updates of when it will next be open) Obviously this isn’t the only way, and there’s lots of good help out there. But this is one that I have found to be very effective and really get to the root of my problems.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” – Carl Jung

Irritation, like most things will be on a big scale. It seems to me like the more something irritates you, the bigger an issue you have within yourself and this outside irritation is reminding you of that issue subconsciously. In my opinion, it can become a barrier to empathy/connection/understanding.


I imagine everyone can relate to the feeling of being irritated by someone. For example, I’ve been irritated in the past by someone’s laugh and I didn’t know why. After some thought, I realised it was because the laugh seemed fake and I would like to think I’m the opposite to fake and I would never fake laugh. First of all this is just my perception, that might just be their laugh, to someone else it could even be a pleasing sound. The irritation is in me, interpreted by my reality filter. And the reason is because it offends or contradicts a value of mine. Sometimes it’s not for any deep reason, and it’s just because people are being loud and ignorant at the cinemas.

Irritation, like most things will be on a big scale. It seems to me like the more something irritates you, the bigger an issue you have within yourself and this outside irritation is reminding you of that issue subconsciously. In my opinion, it can become a barrier to empathy/connection/understanding.

The times I learn something new about myself in this instance, are the times I don’t know why I’m irritated by someone and I do some thinking. I don’t like feeling irritated, so I try to notice when I feel irritated and over time become more accepting of others by questioning my sometimes silly reactions.

So it’s a helpful thing to ask yourself, why does this irritate me so much? Do a bit of digging to find out if it’s actually do to with you and not them, and you might be able to work through this issue once you know what it is AND have more compassion for other people as you stop blaming them and accept responsibility for the feelings.


I hope this had some value to you, and your mind is more full of meaningful, thought provoking stuff. What’s your opinion on the subject?

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Discovering your personality

I believe that contentment and true happiness are only possible if you accept and love yourself. The way you feel about yourself effects your mood, your work, your interactions, relationships, and so many aspects of life. I recently accepted parts of myself that I had condemned for years and it set me free in many ways. To understand how I was sabotaging my happiness and why I was so negative, I first had to learn more about myself. I had to become more open to the fact that everyone is different, has different and totally valid opinions and maybe no one knows what they want and or what they’re doing.

I analysed my thoughts, decisions, feelings, actions, dreams and plans, experienced new things, did things I feared to do, read more and took this insightful Carl Jung Personality test. When the results came out, I googled what that all meant and found I could relate to almost all of it, it made me question myself more and become more mindful of my habits/downfalls/good points etc. There’s tons of stuff out there to help you if you’re struggling with self acceptance and finding yourself, I think it’s super important and I would love to help anyone in any way I can with this if they would like.

Here’s a link to the personality test: