What if Game of Thrones was a metaphor for today’s world?

In Game of Thrones, the different houses fight each other to get the throne, but instead they could be banding together to fight a much bigger threat: the white walkers. I think we’re in a similar situation. We have all the political parties fighting for a seat in power and countries fighting each other for resources. But we could be banding together to fight a bigger threat: the planet dying.

Our lives are tied to the well being of our planet, we depend on water, forests, deserts, oceans, fishing, breeding, farming. But instead we take all it has to give us and more, we don’t live in harmony with it.

This video shows how man has impacted the environment:

Capitalism has gone too far. Maybe money is the root of all evil? Russell Brand points out: either ditch capitalism and save the planet or ditch the planet and save capitalism.

I’m sick of the people in power not looking at the wider context. Caring more about money and staying in power than people and the planet.

These are some ideas I have about our dying planet:

– Overpopulation
– Capitalism
– Wars

Direct results:
– Human and animal deaths
– Deforestation
– Fracking
– Pollution
– Climate change
– Housing shortage
– Job shortage

Indirect results:
– Terrorism
– Rioting
– Protesting
– Starvation
– Low quality of life
– Suicide

It’s not looking good for us all and future generations. We need to stop having wars, stop climate change, use renewable energy, make products using bio-degradable packaging, stop fracking and deforestation. We’re all going to die anyway, everything we attain is borrowed, just like our time here, let’s band together as humans and fight to save the planet, and explore space together.

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Don’t ignore the ideology and attitude of the party you’re voting for: Promises can be broken.

Don’t focus so much on the policies that you ignore the ideology and attitude of the party you’re voting for. Once people are in power, policies can change and promises can be broken. But if you trust that the leader cares more about doing what’s right than saving face, I think that’s worth taking into account.

I’d love a psychologist to psychoanalyse all the political party leaders, because they all have certain personalities, body languages, tones, vibes and attitudes, that lead me to either respect them or distrust them and their whole ideology/party.

I wish I could vote for Nicola Sturgeon, she seems strong, intelligent, compassionate, fair and fearless. I like her vibe and attitude. Natalie Bennett seems sincere and prioritises the planet and humankind, which is pretty important!

Who or which party is in line with your values?

If you’re not sure who to vote for you can watch the BBC live debate or visit this website where Greenpeace have outlined what they think is the worst and best parts of all the parties manifestos.

Don’t forget to vote on May 7th. 

Drugged up zombie or pretty much cured for life?

Depressed people’s brains are overactive in certain areas. As Laci Green puts it: “They’re ruminating on their own inadequacy and worthlessness to an obsessive point. This over activity is an illness that actually removes people from reality and the research suggests that magic mushrooms block this obsessive activity. People that took part in the mushroom test felt much happier in the weeks after taking the shrooms.”

Some interesting studies seem to show promise in treating certain psychological problems with various currently illegal drugs. MDMA as treatment for PTSD (http://www.maps.org/conference/ps13mithoefer/), Psilocybin (magic mushrooms) for depression, LSD for anxiety (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYFLWJ_Lwss&list=PL6uC-XGZC7X5cBSTMpx5koKmwWvHlu9Qe) and Cannabis for anxiety, depression and even bi-polar disorder (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYFLWJ_Lwss&list=PL6uC-XGZC7X5cBSTMpx5koKmwWvHlu9Qe).

When you hear scientists talk about latest drug studies, it’s mostly about what the chemicals do to certain parts of your brain and what that means, but never how the person taking it actually feels. Did they have a profound realisation whilst high because the cloudy pain of judgement was released, giving them clarity on a problem? Is that why it’s good for depressed types? Because it allows them the freedom to assess life and themselves quite objectively? I doubt just having good feelings and obsessive mind activities blocked for a period of time would create lasting changes after the drug has worn off.

I find it unbelievable that the humans that claim power over other humans get to decide which things we can use, even though they have been growing on the earth for hundreds or thousands of years. And I can’t believe that they would deny anyone with mental health issues or just a curiosity about life and themselves; treatment that could possibly do far more for them than any pharmaceutical medication could ever do.

We need more clinical trials and less ‘red tape’ to find out the possible break-through this drug might have on such long term hard-to-treat disorders such as depression.

Dammit government – let us fix people and make them happy again, without being drugged up zombies on pharmaceuticals for the rest of their lives! Let’s actually cure their issues long term!

A letter to my MP about the current UK Drug Policy

Russell Brand has influenced this letter for sure:

Here’s the letter I sent to my local MP:

“Dear Catherine McKinnell MP,

My name is Annie and I’m contacting you on behalf of myself and my partner. We currently live in Newcastle and wanted to contact you regarding an issue that we feel needs addressing.

We don’t want to take up a lot of your time so I’ll try to make this as concise and clear as possible.

For a long time we have both felt that the state of the current UK Drug Policy is damaging and harmful. There are many examples, over a long period of time that show the current Government’s attitude to Drug Policy is at best, not working. At worst, it’s a policy which does more harm than good and criminalises people who need compassion and medical support.

I’m sure you are aware of Professor Nutt’s 2008 unceremonial sacking as the chairman of the New Labour Government’s own Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs when he reported his findings regarding reclassification of substances based on their harm to individuals and society.

This was an attempt to look into this issue based on scientific evidence, which is exactly what is needed. How do we know if something is working if we simply refuse to look at the evidence gathered rationally and objectively?

More recently the Home Secretary Theresa May forced through a bill which banned the substance Khat, against all scientific advice (http://www.drugscience.org.uk/media/press-releases/). Khat is almost exclusively used by Somalian communities in the UK and presented no clear threat to public safety at all.

We would like to suggest you read a recent article which highlights the current damage done by the draconian policy of the ‘War on Drugs’ , which we very much agree with and which explains the issues better than we can: http://anotherangryvoice.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/ending-war-on-drugs.html.

One consequence of the current drug policy for example, is that any substance which may have a beneficial medical or therapeutic use, is almost impossible to research if it happens to be illegal. We think it’s ludicrous and inhumane to retard medical research like this.

The MP Caroline Lucas is currently calling for a cost-benefit analysis into the current drug laws (http://www.carolinelucas.com/media.html/2014/02/13/caroline-%E2%80%93-we%E2%80%99ve-achieved-a-major-step-towards-a-humane-drugs-policy/) and if you agree with what we’ve said, we would ask that you support this.

There are many things that we are angry at with the current Conservative Government but their point-blank refusal to look at this issue and simply consider the objective data and evidence (this is all we are asking), makes us very concerned that this is another idealogically-driven campaign that harms the most vulnerable in society.

Thanks for your time.”


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“It doesn’t feed your soul, I’m still empty inside. The things you’re being offered can’t fill what we’re looking for.”

Russell Brand on consumerist western society and celebrity culture and how he’s been part of the charade but he’s awake now and wants to wake others too.

“Conservatism appeals to our selfishness and fear, our desire and self interest” He recognises qualities in himself of egotism, selfishness, lustfulness and because he recognises them in himself he would “prefer a culture that didn’t celebrate, exacerbate, stimulate the most negative aspects of our species, inculcate them, reward them financially till we get to a kind of cultural hysteria where we’re destroying the planet. It’s not like I feel like Tories are evil, it’s an evil system.”

I agree with him and I too am not fulfilled by what I’m told should make me happy by society and the media. For example: holidays, acquiring new things, money, promotions at work. What makes me happy are real experiences, connections to people, being in the moment and growing as a person.

Imagine if the majority of people “woke up” to these ideas and became truly self aware, we’d have a very different world I imagine. But the privileged people in power don’t want that, they want to keep us distracted with things like X Factor and Christmas hype. Books and films like ‘1984’, ‘The Matrix’ and ‘The Hunger Games’, show us what a dystopian future based on lies, manipulation, deceit and mass oppression could look like, where the rich have all the power, and where freedom and liberation are far from their grasp. Do you want that kind of future?

It seems to me, we’re heading down the wrong path. It’s currently very individualistic and not collectivistic, every man for himself. It’s very capitalist. I don’t think capitalism is all bad, but I don’t think it’s quite working either. And communism is too far the other way. Can we start something new that actually helps the planet and the people and distributes power among everyone?

We’re all human, all in this together, floating in space, every person has a right to freedom. I think Russell Brand is a beacon for good, in starting to help lead us away from the path of elite oppression. But how do you go about changing the system when the power isn’t in our hands….yet

I hope this had some value to you, and your mind is more full of meaningful, thought provoking stuff. What’s your opinion on the subject?

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What if non-violent offenders got therapy instead of going to prison?

Getting therapy for non-violent offenders would probably be much less costly than keeping them alive in prison and it would be much better for their rehabilitation, mental health and for society when they’re done.

Piper Kerman has learnt some strong life lessons while doing time in prison, taking responsibility for her mistakes. She wants people to tell their stories from behind prison walls, and believes that when people know the real stories of real people, they will realise that America’s incarceration mania is a real problem. America locks up more of it’s people than any other nation in the world, laws grow and tighten. Kerman expresses that American governments put people in prison who are “inconvenient, mentally ill, people who are addicts. People who are shut out of the new economy, and this needs to change.”

I believe the worst criminals like Murderers, psychos, rapists and child molesters, have a brain that’s wired up differently to normal people. They lack empathy and get satisfaction from hurting others, and I believe people like that will never ever learn from justice and punishment, they lack the capabilities to change their brains in such a way. And it’s not helpful to expect them to learn from their actions. They were born like that, and might also have had a traumatic and horrific upbringing or event that changed/developed the connections in their brains that lead them down such a path of destruction and pain. So I think people like that need to be taken away and locked up so they don’t do harm to other people. And at the same time, research how people like that become so fucked up in the first place and start to do something about the actual root cause instead of just the symptom.

Sentences are given to:

  • punish offenders
  • protect the public
  • change an offender’s behaviour
  • ensure offenders do something to make up for their crime
  • reduce crime in the future

This has been the way of things for decades probably hundreds of years but yet crime rates rise and prisons fill up. So maybe it’s not actually as good of a deterrent as the governments might hope it to be for small offenders.

Daniel D’Amico from LearnLiberty.org ask the questions – “are drug users likely to be cured from addiction by being locked up? Has locking up dealers and users lessened the demand for drugs? We spend billions of dollars each year on the drug war and continue to lock up hundreds of thousands of people. Surely there is a less costly approach to addressing drug use in America.”

“Many studies have shown that drug prohibition causes violent crime by leading to the formation of gangs and cartels.” Daniel D’Amico

We are all human with our own stories and I believe that some people who get put in prison don’t really deserve that fate. But no one seems to care enough about those people, in my opinion. No one cares enough to get to the root cause of why they committed the petty crime in the first place.

Drug addicts’s brains are uncontrollably addicted to a substance and they spend everything they earn on it, then they lose their job. But they don’t lose the addiction too, so they have to find some way of still getting the substance, and that leads to petty crimes. So what if, simply put, we had loads of places to help them get free from their addictions, (support groups, therapy, recovery centres) and this worked – crime surely would go down?

Sources: http://www.learnliberty.org/videos/why-is-the-us-prison-population-so-large/