Psychopathy: Instead of treating the symptom, what about the root cause?


In this video they’re talking about future possibilities of putting microchips in psychopaths’ heads, to change their brains and make them ‘normal.’ I’m not sure if it’s very ethical and it gives the people putting the chip in; way too much power, playing God a bit. Very similar to the film Clockwork Orange. Some psychiatrists believe they can ‘fix’ psychopaths through things like therapy. And some believe they just need to be locked up forever as they will never change. But either way the damage is done, and lots of people have been murdered in the meantime. So instead of treating the symptom and talking about cures, what about attacking the root cause, and preventing the creation of one in the first place?

In this Channel 4 documentary ( they discuss the factors that create psychopaths, 1: Genetics (nature, personality, i.e. aggression), 2: Brain pattern (nature, the way they’re wired), 3: Early abuse (nurture, physical, emotional or sexual abuse) and you need to have all 3 in order to become a serial killer type psychopath. If you only have the first two, you will likely become a ruthless business man, surgeon, lawyer or some other high powered exhilarating job.

“It’s biology plus environment which raise the odds of an individual becoming a violent criminal offender.”

Dr. Bob Johnson believes that the 3rd factor is the key to unlocking their condition. So if every single psychopath has a history of some sort of trauma, then what ways can that be stopped from the beginning? I would guess depending on genes and personality, going through a trauma would result in different psychological conditions and disorders for different people. For some Psychopathy, others schizophrenia, drug addiction, PTSD or depression? With traumas like:

– War

– Sexual abuse

– Violent abuse

– Psychological abuse

– Death of loved ones

– Bullying

– ?

Do we need to get our facts right and educate everyone, especially parents about psychopaths and their behaviors? Or spot potential abuse in children, and keep an eye on them even when they’ve left school? Is that too invasive? Apparently you can’t give children therapy because their brains aren’t formed yet and they might change, so it’s too early to start diagnosing conditions.

What if the main cause of psychopaths becoming killers is because of abusive parents? A look back even further might reveal their parents to have also had a traumatic experience. Where do these things start and how do we fix it? The kind of parents that are capable of sexually abusing their child, probably won’t care about education, maybe they aren’t educated themselves. So instead, can we teach children how to be good parents or what good parenting is? So they grow up becoming better parents and spot signs of bad parenting? Who’s to say what’s good parenting? Psychiatrists setting curriculums?

If all parents brought their children up well, the world would be very different wouldn’t it? It’s not just early traumas causing massive mental health issues in people but smaller issues too that can still dramatically affect people’s lives. Like an inferiority complex, anxiety disorders or low self esteem. I think education is a good place to start in helping these problems before they manifest.


I hope this has had some value to you.

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A letter to my MP about the current UK Drug Policy

Russell Brand has influenced this letter for sure:

Here’s the letter I sent to my local MP:

“Dear Catherine McKinnell MP,

My name is Annie and I’m contacting you on behalf of myself and my partner. We currently live in Newcastle and wanted to contact you regarding an issue that we feel needs addressing.

We don’t want to take up a lot of your time so I’ll try to make this as concise and clear as possible.

For a long time we have both felt that the state of the current UK Drug Policy is damaging and harmful. There are many examples, over a long period of time that show the current Government’s attitude to Drug Policy is at best, not working. At worst, it’s a policy which does more harm than good and criminalises people who need compassion and medical support.

I’m sure you are aware of Professor Nutt’s 2008 unceremonial sacking as the chairman of the New Labour Government’s own Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs when he reported his findings regarding reclassification of substances based on their harm to individuals and society.

This was an attempt to look into this issue based on scientific evidence, which is exactly what is needed. How do we know if something is working if we simply refuse to look at the evidence gathered rationally and objectively?

More recently the Home Secretary Theresa May forced through a bill which banned the substance Khat, against all scientific advice ( Khat is almost exclusively used by Somalian communities in the UK and presented no clear threat to public safety at all.

We would like to suggest you read a recent article which highlights the current damage done by the draconian policy of the ‘War on Drugs’ , which we very much agree with and which explains the issues better than we can:

One consequence of the current drug policy for example, is that any substance which may have a beneficial medical or therapeutic use, is almost impossible to research if it happens to be illegal. We think it’s ludicrous and inhumane to retard medical research like this.

The MP Caroline Lucas is currently calling for a cost-benefit analysis into the current drug laws ( and if you agree with what we’ve said, we would ask that you support this.

There are many things that we are angry at with the current Conservative Government but their point-blank refusal to look at this issue and simply consider the objective data and evidence (this is all we are asking), makes us very concerned that this is another idealogically-driven campaign that harms the most vulnerable in society.

Thanks for your time.”


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Psychopathic behaviour in society and the psychopath test #PsychopathNight

“Capitalism at its most ruthless – rewards psychopathic behavior: the lack of empathy, the glibness, cunning, manipulative. Capitalism could even be a physical manifestaion of psychopathy ” – Jon Ronson

Having psychopathic traits sounds like a fun way of living, to do what you want and not care about consequences, with all the money, charm and know how, to live a liberated existence. But there are draw backs like not being able to connect and relate well to others and live a life of meaning and depth. I wonder how many psychopaths are also extraverts and if there is a correlation. Because all the introverts I know are super conscientious and empathic.

According to the below documentary, psychopaths aren’t just serial killers but are lawyers, bankers, surgeons, salesmen and more. Their brains are wired up differently. They take risks, they love thrills, they feel much less fear, remorse, empathy and anxiety than “normal” people. They have no morals or conscience, a huge ego and a coolness under pressure.

What distinguishes lawyers, bankers, surgeons and salesmen from serial killers, is one key component – which is childhood trauma. The cause of such trauma could be physical, mental or sexual abuse, or they could have witnessed something traumatic. If it was an abusive mother – is she a psychopath too? With a lack of remorse and empathy? Quite possibly.So how do we stop serial killers forming? It’s probably impossible, but I wonder if it could be diminished somehow by making sure we know how to spot abuse early. Unfortunately you can’t vet parents to see if they’re fit to raise a child or might be abusive people. It’s no one’s place to control that, it’s free will. All you can do is help yourself not get hurt, by noticing psychopathic behavior and steer clear of those people.Take the test: psychopath test

Watch the documentary:

What if non-violent offenders got therapy instead of going to prison?

Getting therapy for non-violent offenders would probably be much less costly than keeping them alive in prison and it would be much better for their rehabilitation, mental health and for society when they’re done.

Piper Kerman has learnt some strong life lessons while doing time in prison, taking responsibility for her mistakes. She wants people to tell their stories from behind prison walls, and believes that when people know the real stories of real people, they will realise that America’s incarceration mania is a real problem. America locks up more of it’s people than any other nation in the world, laws grow and tighten. Kerman expresses that American governments put people in prison who are “inconvenient, mentally ill, people who are addicts. People who are shut out of the new economy, and this needs to change.”

I believe the worst criminals like Murderers, psychos, rapists and child molesters, have a brain that’s wired up differently to normal people. They lack empathy and get satisfaction from hurting others, and I believe people like that will never ever learn from justice and punishment, they lack the capabilities to change their brains in such a way. And it’s not helpful to expect them to learn from their actions. They were born like that, and might also have had a traumatic and horrific upbringing or event that changed/developed the connections in their brains that lead them down such a path of destruction and pain. So I think people like that need to be taken away and locked up so they don’t do harm to other people. And at the same time, research how people like that become so fucked up in the first place and start to do something about the actual root cause instead of just the symptom.

Sentences are given to:

  • punish offenders
  • protect the public
  • change an offender’s behaviour
  • ensure offenders do something to make up for their crime
  • reduce crime in the future

This has been the way of things for decades probably hundreds of years but yet crime rates rise and prisons fill up. So maybe it’s not actually as good of a deterrent as the governments might hope it to be for small offenders.

Daniel D’Amico from ask the questions – “are drug users likely to be cured from addiction by being locked up? Has locking up dealers and users lessened the demand for drugs? We spend billions of dollars each year on the drug war and continue to lock up hundreds of thousands of people. Surely there is a less costly approach to addressing drug use in America.”

“Many studies have shown that drug prohibition causes violent crime by leading to the formation of gangs and cartels.” Daniel D’Amico

We are all human with our own stories and I believe that some people who get put in prison don’t really deserve that fate. But no one seems to care enough about those people, in my opinion. No one cares enough to get to the root cause of why they committed the petty crime in the first place.

Drug addicts’s brains are uncontrollably addicted to a substance and they spend everything they earn on it, then they lose their job. But they don’t lose the addiction too, so they have to find some way of still getting the substance, and that leads to petty crimes. So what if, simply put, we had loads of places to help them get free from their addictions, (support groups, therapy, recovery centres) and this worked – crime surely would go down?