“It doesn’t feed your soul, I’m still empty inside. The things you’re being offered can’t fill what we’re looking for.”

Russell Brand on consumerist western society and celebrity culture and how he’s been part of the charade but he’s awake now and wants to wake others too.

“Conservatism appeals to our selfishness and fear, our desire and self interest” He recognises qualities in himself of egotism, selfishness, lustfulness and because he recognises them in himself he would “prefer a culture that didn’t celebrate, exacerbate, stimulate the most negative aspects of our species, inculcate them, reward them financially till we get to a kind of cultural hysteria where we’re destroying the planet. It’s not like I feel like Tories are evil, it’s an evil system.”

I agree with him and I too am not fulfilled by what I’m told should make me happy by society and the media. For example: holidays, acquiring new things, money, promotions at work. What makes me happy are real experiences, connections to people, being in the moment and growing as a person.

Imagine if the majority of people “woke up” to these ideas and became truly self aware, we’d have a very different world I imagine. But the privileged people in power don’t want that, they want to keep us distracted with things like X Factor and Christmas hype. Books and films like ‘1984’, ‘The Matrix’ and ‘The Hunger Games’, show us what a dystopian future based on lies, manipulation, deceit and mass oppression could look like, where the rich have all the power, and where freedom and liberation are far from their grasp. Do you want that kind of future?

It seems to me, we’re heading down the wrong path. It’s currently very individualistic and not collectivistic, every man for himself. It’s very capitalist. I don’t think capitalism is all bad, but I don’t think it’s quite working either. And communism is too far the other way. Can we start something new that actually helps the planet and the people and distributes power among everyone?

We’re all human, all in this together, floating in space, every person has a right to freedom. I think Russell Brand is a beacon for good, in starting to help lead us away from the path of elite oppression. But how do you go about changing the system when the power isn’t in our hands….yet

I hope this had some value to you, and your mind is more full of meaningful, thought provoking stuff. What’s your opinion on the subject?

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What's your thoughts on the subject?

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