Psychopathic behaviour in society and the psychopath test #PsychopathNight

“Capitalism at its most ruthless – rewards psychopathic behavior: the lack of empathy, the glibness, cunning, manipulative. Capitalism could even be a physical manifestaion of psychopathy ” – Jon Ronson

Having psychopathic traits sounds like a fun way of living, to do what you want and not care about consequences, with all the money, charm and know how, to live a liberated existence. But there are draw backs like not being able to connect and relate well to others and live a life of meaning and depth. I wonder how many psychopaths are also extraverts and if there is a correlation. Because all the introverts I know are super conscientious and empathic.

According to the below documentary, psychopaths aren’t just serial killers but are lawyers, bankers, surgeons, salesmen and more. Their brains are wired up differently. They take risks, they love thrills, they feel much less fear, remorse, empathy and anxiety than “normal” people. They have no morals or conscience, a huge ego and a coolness under pressure.

What distinguishes lawyers, bankers, surgeons and salesmen from serial killers, is one key component – which is childhood trauma. The cause of such trauma could be physical, mental or sexual abuse, or they could have witnessed something traumatic. If it was an abusive mother – is she a psychopath too? With a lack of remorse and empathy? Quite possibly.So how do we stop serial killers forming? It’s probably impossible, but I wonder if it could be diminished somehow by making sure we know how to spot abuse early. Unfortunately you can’t vet parents to see if they’re fit to raise a child or might be abusive people. It’s no one’s place to control that, it’s free will. All you can do is help yourself not get hurt, by noticing psychopathic behavior and steer clear of those people.Take the test: psychopath test

Watch the documentary:


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