Discovering your personality

I believe that contentment and true happiness are only possible if you accept and love yourself. The way you feel about yourself effects your mood, your work, your interactions, relationships, and so many aspects of life. I recently accepted parts of myself that I had condemned for years and it set me free in many ways. To understand how I was sabotaging my happiness and why I was so negative, I first had to learn more about myself. I had to become more open to the fact that everyone is different, has different and totally valid opinions and maybe no one knows what they want and or what they’re doing.

I analysed my thoughts, decisions, feelings, actions, dreams and plans, experienced new things, did things I feared to do, read more and took this insightful Carl Jung Personality test. When the results came out, I googled what that all meant and found I could relate to almost all of it, it made me question myself more and become more mindful of my habits/downfalls/good points etc. There’s tons of stuff out there to help you if you’re struggling with self acceptance and finding yourself, I think it’s super important and I would love to help anyone in any way I can with this if they would like.

Here’s a link to the personality test:




What's your thoughts on the subject?

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